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Instand Downloadcomptia certifications are one of the most popular certifications now a days. Passing comptia certification in first attempt is easy with the help of TestLord comptia certifications products. TestLord is a growing brand among the professionals that provides the best best IT certifications exam preparation for comptia certifications. TestLord has a team of comptia experts to develop the best comptia certifications exam questions.

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  • Practice Questions and Answers for 96 Exams as PDF
  • Self Test Software for 96 Exams as Installable Application
  • Online Testing Engine for 96 Exams as Online Tool
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Exams' Detail
  • No. of Exams : 96 Exams
  • Updated : April 2024
  • Valid Till : July 2024
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  • Free Updates : 1 Month
  • Usage : Single User - 2 PC's
  • Download Limit : Unlimited
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comptia Certifications Included
Latest comptia Exams Included
  • cas-001 - comptia advanced security practitioner exam
  • clo-001 - comptia cloud essentials+ exam
  • cv0-001 - comptia cloud+ exam
  • cv0-002 - comptia cloud+ exam
  • n10-007 - comptia network+ certification exam
  • pk0-004 - comptia project+ certification exam
  • rc0-903 - comptia a+ recertification exam for continuing education
  • rc0-n06 - comptia network+ recertification exam
  • sk0-003 - comptia server+ (2010) exam
  • sk0-004 - comptia server+ exam
  • sy0-601 - comptia security+ exam practice test
  • tk0-201 - comptia certified technical trainer (ctt+) exam
Upcoming comptia Exams Pre-Order
  • 220-1001 - comptia a+ core 1 exam
  • 220-1002 - comptia a+ core 2 exam
  • 220-1101 - comptia a+ core 2
  • 220-1102 - comptia a+ core 2
  • cas-003 - comptia advanced security practitioner exam
  • cas-004 - comptia advanced security practitioner (casp+)
  • cfr-410 - comptia network+ certification
  • clo-002 - comptia cloud essentials+
  • cs0-002 - comptia cybersecurity analyst (cysa+) exam
  • cv0-003 - cloud+ certification
  • cv1-002 - comptia cloud+ certification beta exam
  • da0-001 - comptia data+ certification
  • fc0-u61 - comptia it fundamentals+ certification exam
  • mc0-001 - certified mission critical operator exam
  • n10-008 - comptia network+ certification
  • pk0-005 - comptia project+ certification
  • pt0-001 - comptia pentest+ (plus) exam
  • pt0-002 - comptia pentest+ certification
  • pt1-002 - comptia pentest+ certification beta
  • sk0-005 - comptia server+ certification
  • uk0-001 - uki social media security professional (smsp) certification exam voucher only
  • xk0-004 - comptia linux+ (plus) exam
  • xk0-005 - comptia linux+ certification
Previous comptia Exams Included
220-301a+ core technologies exam 220-302a+ os technologies exam 220-601a+ essentials exam 220-602it technician exam 220-603comptia a (remote support tech designation pathway) (new) exam 220-604a+ depot technician (new) exam 220-701comptia a+ essentials exam 220-702comptia a+ practical application (2009) exam 220-801comptia a+ certification exam 220-802comptia a+ certification exam 220-901comptia a+ certification exam 220-902comptia a+ certification exam 225-020certified document imaging architech exam 225-030comptia certified document imaging architech exam adr-001comptia mobile app security+ certification (android edition) exam br0-001comptia bridge exam security br0-002comptia network bridge exam br0-003comptia a+ bridge (2009 edition) exam ca1-001advanced security practitioner (casp) beta exam cas-002comptia advanced security practitioner (casp) exam cd0-001comptia cdia+ certification exam cl0-001cloud essentials exam cn0-201ctp exam cs0-001comptia csa exam ct0-101convergence+ exam ctpctp certification exam ek0-001e-biz+ exam fc0-gr1comptia strata green it exam fc0-ts1comptia strata it for sales exam fc0-u11comptia strata fundamentals of pc functionality exam fc0-u21comptia strata fundamentals of technology exam fc0-u41comptia comptia it fundamentals exam fc0-u51comptia it fundamentals certification exam hit-001comptia healthcare it technician exam ht0-101hti+ residential systems exam ht0-102hti systems infrastructure exam ht0-201cea comptia dhti exam ik0-002i-net+ exam iss-001comptia intel server specialist certification exam iss-003intel server specialist certification exam jk0-015e2c security (2008 edition) exam jk0-016comptia network (2009 edition) exam jk0-017comptia e2c project+ exam jk0-018comptia security+ e2c (2011 edition) exam jk0-019comptia network+ certification exam jk0-020comptia academic/e2c cloud+ certification exam jk0-022comptia academic/e2c security+ certification exam jk0-023comptia network+ certification exam jk0-701comptia e2c a+ essentials (2009 edition) exam jk0-702comptia e2c a+ practical application (2009 edition) exam jk0-801comptia a+ certification exam jk0-802comptia a+ certification exam jk0-u11comptia strata fundamentals of pc functionality exam jk0-u21comptia strata fundamentals of pc technology exam jk0-u31comptia e2c strata it technology exam lx0-101comptia linux+ exam lx0-102comptia linux+ 2 exam lx0-103comptia linux+ [powered by lpi] - exam 1 lx0-104comptia linux+ [powered by lpi] - exam 2 mb0-001comptia mobility+ certification exam n10-002network+ exam n10-003network+ (2005) exam n10-004comptia network+ (2009 edition) exam n10-005comptia network+ certification exam n10-006comptia network+ certification exam pd0-001comptia printing and document imaging (pdi+) exam pd1-001pdi beta exam pk0-001it project exam pk0-002it project+ exam pk0-003comptia comptia project+ (2009) exam rc0-501comptia security+ recertification exam rc0-c02comptia advanced security practitioner (casp) recertification exam for continuing education rf0-001radio frequency identification exam sc0-001satcom direct aerocnct certification exam sd0-001satcom direct aero it exam sg0-001comptia storage+ powered by snia exam sg1-001storage+ powered by snia beta exam sk0-001server exam sk0-002server+ (2005) exam sy0-101security+ exam sy0-201comptia security (2008 edition) exam sy0-301comptia security+ 2011 exam sy0-401comptia security+ exam sy0-501comptia security+ certification exam tk0-001certified technical trainer (ctt ) exam xk0-001linux+ exam xk0-002linux+ exam
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