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  • Practice Questions and Answers for 23 Exams as PDF
  • Self Test Software for 23 Exams as Installable Application
  • Online Testing Engine for 23 Exams as Online Tool
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  • No. of Exams : 23 Exams
  • Updated : May 2022
  • Valid Till : September 2022
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huawei Certifications Included
Latest huawei Exams Included
  • h11-851 - hcna-vc (huawei certified network associate - video conference) exam
  • h12-211 - huawei network technology and device (hcda-hntd) exam
  • h12-221 - hcnp-rs-iern (huawei certified network professional-implementing enterprise routing network) exam
  • h12-224 - hcnp-r exam
  • h12-711 - hcna-security-cbsn (huawei certified network associate - constructing basic security network) exam
  • h12-721 - hcnp-security-cisn (huawei certified network professional - constructing infrastructure of security network) exam
  • h13-621 - hcnp-storage-cusn(constructing unifying storage network) exam
  • h13-622 - hcnp-storage-cbds (huawei certified network professional - constructing big data solution) exam
Upcoming huawei Exams Pre-Order
  • h11-831 - hcia contact center v2.5
  • h11-848 - hcip contact center v2.0
  • h11-851_v3.0 - huawei hcia-video conference v3.0
  • h11-861 - huawei certified network professional - video conference exam
  • h11-879 - hcie - enterprise communication (written) exam
  • h12-111 - hcia-iot v1.0 practice test
  • h12-111_v2.0 - hcia-iot v2.0 exam
  • h12-111_v2.5 - huawei hcia-iot v2.5
  • h12-222 - hcnp routing & switching- ienp v2.0 exam
  • h12-223 - hcnp- routing&switching- ieep v2.0 exam
  • h12-261 - huawei certified internetwork expert (routing & switching) exam
  • h12-261_v3.0 - huawei hcie-routing & switching (written) v3.0
  • h12-262 - hcie-routing&switching (lab) exam
  • h12-263 - hcie-routing&switching (interview) exam
  • h12-311 - huawei certified ict associate - wireless local area network exam
  • h12-311_v3.0 - huawei hcia-wlan v3.0
  • h12-321 - hcnp - wireless local area network- constructing enterprise wlan architecture exam
  • h12-322 - hcip wireless local area network - planning and optimizing enterprise wlan exam
  • h12-411 - hcia data center facility v1.0
  • h12-411_v2.0 - huawei hcia-data center facility v2.0
  • h12-421 - hcip data center facility deployment v1.0
  • h12-423 - hcip data center facility operation & maintenance v1.0
  • h12-425 - hcip-data center facility deployment v1.0 practice test
  • h12-511 - hcia-intelligent video surveillance v1.0 practice test
  • h12-521 - hcip-intelligent vision v1.0 practice test
  • h12-711_v3.0 - huawei hcia-security v3.0
  • h12-722 - hcip-security-cssn exam
  • h12-723 - hcip-security-ctss exam
  • h12-724 - hcip security (fast track) v1.0
  • h12-731 - hcie security (written) v1.5
  • h12-731_v2.0 - hcie-security (written) v2.0 exam
  • h12-811_v1.0 - hcia-datacom v1.0 exam
  • h12-821_v1.0 - huawei hcip-datacom-core technology v1.0
  • h12-931 - hcie transmission (written) v1.0
  • h13-111 - hcia-kunpeng application developer v1.0 practice test
  • h13-211 - hcia intelligent computing v1.0
  • h13-221 - hcip intelligent computing v1.0
  • h13-231 - hcie-intelligent computing v1.0 practice test
  • h13-311 - hcia ai v1.0
  • h13-311_v2.0 - hcia-ai v2.0 exam
  • h13-311_v3.0 - hcia-ai v3.0 exam
  • h13-321 - huawei hcip-ai-ei developer v2.0
  • h13-322 - hcip ai hiai developer v1.0
  • h13-411 - hcia data center
  • h13-421 - hcip data center-itidm v1.0
  • h13-422 - hcip data center cdcdm v1.0
  • h13-431 - hcie - data center (written) exam
  • h13-511 - hcia cloud computing v3.0
  • h13-511_v4.0 - huawei hcia cloud computing v4.0 exam
  • h13-524 - hcip-cloud computing-cosm exam
  • h13-525 - hcip cloud computing openstack v1.0
  • h13-526 - hcip cloud computing container v1.0
  • h13-527 - hcip cloud computing v4.0
  • h13-531 - hcie - cloud computing (written) exam
  • h13-611 - hcna-storage huawei certified network associate-storage exam
  • h13-611_v4.5 - hcia-storage v4.5 practice test
  • h13-623 - hcnp storage - constructing data protection system exam
  • h13-624 - hcip-storage v5.0
  • h13-629 - hcie - storage (written) exam
  • h13-629_v2.0 - huawei hcie-storage (written) v2.0 exam
  • h13-711 - hcia big data v2.0
  • h13-722 - hcip big data operation & maintenance v1.0
  • h13-723 - hcip big data developer v1.0
  • h13-723_v2.0 - hcip-big data developer v2.0 practice test
  • h13-731 - hcie big data (written) (huawei certified internetwork expert-big data)
  • h13-731_v2.0 - hcie-big data-data mining v2.0 exam
  • h13-811 - hcia cloud service v2.0
  • h13-811_v2.2 - huawei hcia-cloud service v2.260
  • h13-811_v3.0 - huawei hcia-cloud service v3.0
  • h13-821 - hcip cloud service solutions architect v1.0
  • h13-821_v2.0 - hcip-cloud service solutions architect v2.0 exam
  • h13-831 - hcie-cloud service solutions architect v1.0 practice test
  • h13-911 - hcia-gaussdb v1.0 practice test
  • h13-921 - hcip-gaussdb-oltp v1.0 practice test
  • h13-922 - huawei certified ict professional
  • h19-120 - hcpa pv(huawei certified pre-sales associate-photovoltaic)
  • h19-250 - hcs sale pv (huawei certified specialist-sales-pv)
  • h19-251 - hcs sale cm (huawei certified specialist-sales-cm)
  • h19-301 - huawei certified pre-sales associate - ip network exam
  • h19-307 - huawei certified pre-sales associate server exam
  • h19-308 - huawei certified pre-sales associate storage (enu) exam
  • h19-310 - hcpa ivs
  • h19-311 - huawei certified pre-sales associate - data center facility exam
  • h19-315 - transmission & access
  • h19-316 - huawei certified pre-sales associate- ecc-enu exam
  • h19-321 - hcs pre sale service solution
  • h19-331 - huawei certified pre-sales professional network energy
  • h19-338 - hcpp-storage practice test
  • h19-365 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist bidding
  • h19-366 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist ip
  • h19-367 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist ip wireless local area network
  • h19-368 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist transmission & access
  • h19-369 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist it
  • h19-370 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist ec
  • h19-371 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist ids
  • h19-372 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist big data
  • h19-374 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist ivs
  • h19-375 - hcs pre sales ip(dcn)
  • h19-376 - hcs pre sales ip(security)
  • h19-377 - huawei certified pre-sales specialist access
  • h19-450 - huawei certified specialist-pre-sales-pv
  • h19-451 - hcs-pre-sale-cm (huawei certified specialist-pre-sales-cm) practice test
  • h20-211 - huawei certified field specialist - r&s routing & switching
  • h20-311 - huawei certified field specialist-wireless local area network
  • h20-651 - huawei certified field specialist-server
  • h20-661 - huawei certified field specialist-ups
  • h20-681 - huawei certified field specialist smart pv controller
  • h21-284 - hcs seniorsolution ip
  • h21-286 - hcs seniorsolution ip practice test
  • h21-288 - hcs seniorsolution transmission & access
  • h21-289 - hcs seniorsolution-it
  • h21-290 - hcs seniorsolution network energy
  • h21-291 - hcs seniorsolution public security
  • h21-294 - hcs seniorsolution education
  • h21-295 - hcs seniorsolution medical
  • h21-296 - hcs seniorsolution electric
  • h21-298 - hcs seniorsolution large enterprise
  • h21-299 - hcs seniorsolution broadcasting & media
  • h31-124 - hcip carrier ip v1.0
  • h31-124_v2.0 - huawei hcip carrier ip v2.0 exam
  • h31-161 - hcie carrier ip (written) v1.0
  • h31-161_v2.0 - hcie-carrier ip (written) v2.0 practice test
  • h31-311 - huawei certified network associate transmission exam
  • h31-311_v2.5 - huawei hcia-transmission v2.5
  • h31-341 - hcnp - transmission exam
  • h31-342 - hcip sdn transmission v1.0
  • h31-411 - hcia lte v1.0
  • h31-421 - hcip lte v1.0
  • h31-422 - hcie lte (written) v1.0
  • h31-511 - hcna - cloud solutions architect exam
  • h31-512 - hcip cloud solutions architect
  • h31-513 - hcs cloud service sales v1.0
  • h31-521 - hcna cloud datacenter operations
  • h31-522 - hcnp - cloud datacenter operations exam
  • h31-523 - cloud datacenter operations (written) exam
  • h31-531 - hcna cloud sysops administrator
  • h31-611 - hcia-sdn v1.0 exam
  • h31-612 - hcnp sdn
  • h31-651 - hcna video
  • h35-210 - hcia-access v2.0 exam
  • h35-210_v2.5 - huawei hcia-access v2.5
  • h35-211 - hcip-access v2.0 exam
  • h35-211_v2.5 - huawei hcip-access v2.5
  • h35-250 - hcs datacom
  • h35-260 - hcs transmission
  • h35-323 - hcip-ai-network developer v1.0 practice test
  • h35-370 - hcs core network mobile voice
  • h35-380 - hcs core network ps
  • h35-450 - hcs wireless gul commissioning
  • h35-460 - hcs 5g ran v1.0
  • h35-461 - hcs 5g rf v1.0
  • h35-462 - hcs 5g rf advanced v1.0
  • h35-480 - hcia 5g ran v2.0
  • h35-481 - hcip-5g-ran v1.0 exam
  • h35-510 - hcna gsm rnp&rno
  • h35-511 - hcnp gsm rnp&rno
  • h35-520 - hcna wcdma rnp&rno
  • h35-521 - hcnp wcdma rnp&rno
  • h35-540 - hcna cdma rnp&rno
  • h35-541 - hcnp cdma rnp&rno
  • h35-550 - hcna microwave rnp
  • h35-560 - hcia lte rnp&rno v1.0
  • h35-561 - hcip lte rnp&rno v1.0
  • h35-570 - hcs - ics test and optimization
  • h35-580 - hcia-5g-rnp&rno v1.0 exam
  • h35-581 - hcip-5g-rnp&rno exam
  • h35-631 - hcip iot wireless v1.0
  • h35-632 - hcip iot platform v1.0
  • h35-650 - hcia-5g-core v1.0 exam
  • h35-660 - hcia 5g v1.0
  • h35-660_v2.0 - huawei hcia-5g v2.0 e
  • h35-670 - hcia-5g-bearer v1.0 exam
  • h35-841 - hcs fttx osp survey and design
  • h35-910 - hcs wireless hardware installation (written)
  • h35-911 - hcs microwave hardware installation (written)
  • h35-912 - hcs data center and network equipment hardware installation (written)
  • h35-913 - hcs site power hardware installation (written)
  • h35-914 - hcs data center energy hardware installation (written)
  • h35-915 - hcs fttx outside plant (written)
  • h35-917 - hcs 5g wireless hardware installation (written) v1.0
  • h35-920 - hcda - ows developer exam
  • h35-921 - hcip ictom developer v1.0
  • h35-923 - hcip ows developer v1.0
  • h35-942 - hcs home service activation
  • h35-950 - hcs huawei cloud stack service management v1.0
  • h35-951 - hcs huawei cloud stack operations v1.0
  • h52-111 - hcip-iot developer v1.0 practice test
  • h52-111_v2.0 - hcip-iot developer v2.0 exam
  • h53-511 - hcip cloud computing developer v1.0
  • h53-821 - hcip cloud service developer v1.0
  • h53-821_v2.0 - hcip-cloud service devops engineer v2.0 practice test
  • hc-224 - huawei certified datacom professional - fast certification enu
  • hc-611 - huawei certified network associate - building the structure of storage network (hcna-bssn) enu
  • hc-621 - huawei hcnp-ssam(san storage advanced management)-enu
  • hc-711 - huawei hcna huawei certified network associate - constructing basic security network (hcna-cbsn)
Previous huawei Exams Included
gb0-180huawei certified network engineer exam gb0-183huawei-3com certified network engineer exam gb0-280constructing enterprise-level routing networks exam gb0-320constructing enterprise-level switching networks exam gb0-360design enterprise-level networks exam gb0-363designing enterprise-level networks exam h11-811huawei certified network associate - unified communication exam h11-828huawei certified ict professional unified communication exam h13-111_v1.5hcia-kunpeng application developer v1.5 practice test h13-522certified network professional cloud resource pool management exam h13-523hcip-cloud computing-cdsm exam h13-711_v3.0hcia-big data v3.0 practice test h13-911_v1.5hcia-gaussdb v1.5 practice test h19-304huawei certified pre-sales specialist unified communications exam h19-306huawei certified pre-sales specialist telepresence & vc exam h19-309huawei certified pre-sales associate-cloud exam h19-379hcs-pre-sales-cloud practice test h19-381hcs-pre-sales-intelligent computing practice test h20-411hcsa-field-imoc practice test h20-871huawei certified field specialist-intelligence video surveillance h28-152hcsp-development-imoc practice test h31-211hcna - carrier ip exam h31-321hcnp-mstp transmission exam h31-331hcnp transmission-osn (building carrier otn transmission network) exam h31-514hcsa-cloud migration practice test hc-224-enuhuawei certified datacom professional - fast certification - enu exam hc-611-enuhuawei certified network associate - building the structure of storage network (hcna-bssn) - enu exam hc-621-enuhcnp-ssam(san storage advanced management)-enu exam hc-711-enuhcna huawei certified network associate - constructing basic security network (hcna-cbsn) - enu exam su0-111huawei cert datacom associate-network technology and device exam su0-121huawei cert datacom pro-building carrier access network exam su0-122huawei certified datacom professional-building carrier routing network exam su0-123huawei cert datacom pro.-building ip telecom network exam su0-211cert datacom associate network technology and device exam
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